Friday, October 9, 2015

Local Farming

Yesterday as I drove back to the hotel from Vol Fan's job site, I went a different route to explore a little.  It was a wonderfully cool evening so I had the windows down.  As I was driving, I passed a field of freshly mown alfalfa hay.  Holy moly!  The smell was heavenly!

Even with the dry conditions of this area, it is a thriving agriculture community.  The haying operations are amazing.  And HUGE!  I took this photo of harvested hay waiting to be shipped.

These big square bales are pretty equivalent to the round bales that I am used to in Tennessee.  This stack had approximately 450 bales.  And there are stacks like this (and larger) absolutely everywhere!!!

This stack included some freshly baled alfalfa hay.  It is the dark green bales.  I bet livestock loves that stuff!

Another things I have been enjoying is watching the potato harvest, which is in full swing.  Scenes like this one are happening in field after field after field.  There are several semi-trucks that run back and forth from field to storage barn where they await shipment to market.

I love it here!