Friday, February 15, 2008

Hang Over

Well, today should be a great day! The sun is shining. The temp is in the 50s. It's Friday. I had a very nice Valentine dinner with Vol Fan last night. The laundry and the dishes are done. It should be a great day.

But, alas, it's not. I have absolutely no energy, a slight headache, and some very cranky feelings. (My apologies to the guy in the green Kia that honked at me and then I flipped off, three times, and called all manner of bad names. Sorry - I'm just a little cranky today. Boy, that really goes against my claim, from yesterday, that I'm a nice person. Ok, so I'm a nice person that turns into The Incredible Hulk when I am behind the wheel of my car, especially if I am having a cranky day and someone honks at me and then does the international hand gesture for "Are you ever gonna go?" when it is obvious that there are cars coming! Hello!)

At that very nice Valentine dinner with my hubby last night, I broke one of my cardinal rules. When the waitress asks, "Would you like another drink?" The answer is NO - always NO! Especially when you are feeling just a little giddy and another drink just sounds perfect and most definitely if you are drinking Long Island Iced Tea! NO, NO, NO!!!

Well, that makes it sound like I really tied one on. No - I am just a really big wimp. I only had 2 drinks but I should have called it quits after #1! See I told you to expect a lot of whining and complaining and this isn't even over my weight. I was cranky enough this morning that you could not have paid me enough to get on that scale.

Tomorrow is another day....

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