Monday, February 18, 2008


I realized something this weekend. Had an epiphany, really. Vol Fan (my husband) cannot read my mind. No, seriously - he can't. Here is how I came to this astonishing conclusion...

We were sitting on the couch - each of us were messing on our computers and watching television.

I asked, "Did you read my blog?"

Vol Fan said, "Yes."

So I said, "What did you think?"

Vol Fan said, "It was good."

Ok-back up, let me get a running start on this thing. Each day that I have posted, I have asked Vol Fan if he read the blog and he says that he did and that he thought it was good.

Now, the question isn't just "Did you read my blog?" The question is actually "What did you think about the blog? Did I mis-spell anything? Was it amusing? Was it stupid? Should I just delete the whole thing? Did you think I put a funny spin on things?........"

I tried to let him know that I wanted more comments. So first, I tried the *sigh*. You know what I am talking about - the one you do when something is really on your mind but you just can't come out and say it. Even when asked, you can't say it. It must be pulled from you, inch by painful inch. Well, the *sigh* didn't work. I don't think Vol Fan even looked in my direction.

Then I tried the *sigh* in combination with the Laser Glare. The Laser Glare, for those of you who missed this lesson in Middle School Girl 101, has amazing powers. You stare at the object of your wrath, sending subliminal messages. When done correctly, the Object falls completely under your control. Apparently, I missed something in class (must have been passing notes or something!) because Vol Fan did not succumb. Maybe he took some special class in how to resist this manuver.

So I did what you must never do. I started slamming things - doors, drawers, etc - and went to bed! After about 45 minutes, Vol Fan comes into the bedroom and says, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming to bed?"

Did I say because you didn't answer all my unasked questions? No.

Did I say because you hurt my feelings by not seeming more interested in my blog? No.

I said, "I just thought you were enjoying your game of party poker."

That's all that was said. Was he living in the same apartment as me? Could he not feel the angry vibes coming off of me? Is he truly immune to the Laser Glare? Well, apparently so... So now to figure out how to deal with this new found revelation.

PS - This diet thing really isn't working out very good. So I am putting my foot down - I will be at 175 by Sunday or I will... or I will... Oh, I don't know what I'll do but I am putting my foot down!

Weight this morning: 178.6

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