Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonna-Review (Part 3)

My Sunday line-up:
  • The Lee Boys - If going to church were only this much fun, the pews would be packed. The band is formed by 3 brothers and 3 of their nephews. They describe their music as "sacred steel" and it is AWESOME!! These guys really got the crowd going, even after 3 long days of music festival!
  • Robert Randolph's Revival - Another band that was crazy good!! He is amazing on the pedal steel guitar. I am sure someone else could give you great details on his musical stylings but all I know is that it was another show not to be missed.
  • Yonder Mountain String Band - I guess I would label these guys as new grass. Bluegrass but not anything like Ralph Stanley. They were so much fun. They had played Bonnaroo before - before they made it big. They seemed to really enjoy the Bonnaroo atmosphere and the fact that this time around they were on the main stage!
  • Then I ran (and I do mean ran!!) over to catch Solomon Burke.  He was great - with Robert Plant listening in the wings!  Soul at its best!
  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss featuring T-Bone Burnett - I was pretty excited about this show - mainly just to see a legend like Robert Plant! The show was pretty low key which was perfect for the worn-out crowd. They didn't just stick with the stuff from their new cd - they even did Black Dog, but in a low key, almost haunting way. That is pretty much how I would describe their show - haunting. Their harmonies were beautiful. Every once in a while one of them would cut loose and you could feel the power of their voice. It was incredible! They did one song from their cd called Trampled Rose. I had never heard it before and I can't imagine that it would translate to my pitiful little iPod speakers. But, LIVE and LOUD, it was the most powerful songs I believe I have ever heard.
  • Then I ran to catch the end of Death Cab for Cutie. But I called my sister on the way over and ended up running my mouth through the remainder of their show. But it was a good conversation and I only would have heard about 5 minutes so no big deal!!
  • Widespread Panic - As is tradition, Widespread closed the show - Their set pushing 3 hours! I really enjoyed the show but toward the end, I was getting really cold and really tired. Yes, once again, the age shows through!

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Diesel said...

Sounds like a cool show. :)