Monday, June 16, 2008

Bonnaroo Overview

Ah, Bonnaroo.....the unwashed masses, the permeating scent of marijuana, and lots of great music!

Bonnaroo is an annual musical fstival held in Manchester, Tennessee. It is held on a 700+ acre farm so there is plenty of room for the crowd. And a large crowd it is - this year was not a sell-out (probably because of the gas prices!!) but ticket sales were over 70,000. So by the time you add in all the workers, people on guest passes, the performers and their entourage, there were lots and lots and lots of people.

The main stage is What?

Followed by Which?

Then there is



and many more!! Let me tell you - those names add a whole lotta fun when trying to tell really wasted people the location of the band they are wanting to see!!


TentCamper said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.. Even not wasted...I'd get lost.

Thanks for the note on my blog. Just got back and have posted first instalment.

Corinne said...

Great pictures! It looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun!

thatcoolbroad said...

Ooooh...that looks fun! (and I love the permeating scent of marijuana:)

Oh, and I just tagged you for a meme.


gaining some lb's said...

That looked like alot of fun!

I love the smell of pot.....if it was legal I'd be smoking it everyday....oh yes i would LOL.