Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night, I went to see Sex and the City with Prima Ballerina (my sister-in-law) and The Scottish One (her best friend). The movie was really good - they did a good job of continuing in the same vein as the TV series. I was glad they didn't try to take it off on some weird tangent.

First thing - Everyone that had sex in that movie did it with every light in the house on. Me? I want every light OFF!!

Second - the movie left me feeling a little sad. I really don't have any girlfriends. I have never really had many girlfriends. I really only had 2 close friends growing up. One turned into a great big snob when she went off to college and was a real bitch toward my husband so that relationship went south. The other got seriously hooked on drugs, like to the point that her mother had her declared an unfit mother and got custody of her children - the last I heard of her, she was hooking in Chicago to support her habits so let's just say our lives went down different paths.

Now - our life on the road is hardly conducive to forming lasting friendships. Plus, I'm not the easiest person to get to know. Because I suffer from crippling self-doubt, it is really hard to let the real me show. So what to do??


dlyn said...

Hi - found your blog from your comment on PW's site. I have a few friends that I've had for years, but a lot of close friendships have come and gone - mostly due to people moving. We might keep in a sort of loose touch but it isn't the same.

Corinne said...

I never had a ton of friends either. I have three really close gal pals; my BFF of 15 years from college, and a couple moms of my daughter's friends, but we don't interact together as a group like the the girlfriends in SATC. Plus, now that I've moved away from the Dallas area, I've left them behind (except my bff who lives in AZ). That's why I love my computer - it opens me up to meet new people and make friends that way. I have a few friends that I met on a book board and have been talking with on the internet for about five years, but never had the pleasure to meet yet.
Because I'm new to the area, I haven't seen the movie yet - no one to go with. And unfortunately, I highly doubt I can convince my hubby to watch it with me.

Lori said...

dlyn - You're right - it just isn't the same. It's sad really...

corinne - that's one reason I love my computer, too. maybe you could convince hubby to go if you tell him it shows boobies.....

JD at I Do Things said...

I liked the movie a lot more than I thought I would (loved the series but was prepared for a letdown).

I left feeling the same as you: sad that I don't have a close group of friends. I'm not the type who needs (or wants) thousands of friends, but two of my closest friends moved away, and I really don't have anyone who would walk thru the snow on New Year's Eve night to hang out with me.

But Corrina is my friend!

JD at I Do Things