Monday, September 15, 2008

Shamu, Shamu!!

Over the weekend, we played tourist again. On Saturday afternoon, we played miniature golf at Congo River Safari Golf. (This was, of course, after the University of Tennessee football game!) Here is Vol Fan showing off his form! Truth told, we both suck! I had started the afternoon with makeup and flat-ironed hair. You know, the works! But, dear God, it was hot! So I ended up looking like a drowned rat!We ended the evening at Downtown Disney and dinner at Planet Hollywood. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The food was good (especially the ribs!) but it was REALLY loud and all the memorabilia looked like it needed a good cleaning! And I was expecting more from Downtown Disney - like everything to be over the top. Even the Disney store was small!

On Sunday we had a great day. Sea World!! We petted sting rays. We fed dolphins.

We saw alligators, manatees, sharks, polar bears, seals, sea lions, and the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Vol Fan got picked to take part in the Clyde and Seamore show!

But you just can't beat trained, jumping whales!

For anyone planning a visit, here's a tip! If you want to get wet (and I mean REALLY wet) at the Shamu show, sit in the 1st ten rows of the section that is second or third from the far right if you are facing the stage. I was basically sitting center and got splashed twice (and that water is COLD!) and was really, really wet. The people in the section on the right got splashed 10-12 times. They were dripping!

PS - If you like roller coasters, don't miss Kraken!!


Big Hair Envy said...

What a fun way to spend the weekend!!! Vol Fan is a natural - maybe he should consider a career change :)

If I had known your hair would get so flat, I would have sent you an extra can of Aqua Net!! heehee!!! You guys are cute - even with flat hair!!!

VE said...

Funny, in all my safari visits to Africa...I cannot remember a single natural putt-putt course over there ;)

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

Planet Hollywood is a big thumbs down at DD!! We totally agree. If you go back, try Fulton's Crab House! My folks are going to SeaWorld when we are there, I'm totally going to tell them to sit where they'll get a seawater douche!! Thanks for all the fantastic advice!! :)

The Incredible Woody said...

Big Hair - I was in bad need of that Aqua Net!!

VE - It's amazing what you learn in the place 'Where Dreams Come True'

DandD - Yeah, no more Planet Hollywood! I hope you guys have a great trip!!