Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just thought I'd rub it in a little....

It is sunny. About 85 degrees with a nice breeze.

Weezy is taking another 650 photos of herself.

I am working. Poolside.

If only I had a waiter to bring me free drinks......


Monkey Toe Momma said...

Oh Cabana Boy!

Well, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time, you snot. Moi? Jealous? Never!

big hair ency said...

It's 85 degrees and breezy here as well. Unfortunately, my pool has been closed for two weeks, and the high for Friday is supposed to be 64 :( I think I'll go cry in my wine now. Thank you very much.

Suz said...

You must get a pool boy. They come in handy when you are thirsty. :)
We are having a gorgeous day too...but my silly butt has been in the car most of the day running my kids around...but I do feel a bit of Florida "fall" coming in!!

The Incredible Woody said...

MTM - Don't be too jealous. I am packing on Friday for my next move - to Tennessee for the winter. Certainly won't be as nice as south Florida in January!!

Big Hair - I love those warm days between cool snaps in the fall.

Suz - Yes, the Florida "fall" and "winter" is VERY nice!!