Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had something interesting happen on Facebook last week. One of my friends had commented on someone else's picture. I didn't recognize the name of the person who had posted the picture but I thought the photo looked familier so I clicked on it. And this is what I saw.

Yes, this is my class picture from kindergarten. I'm rocking it in that gold dress on the front row. Apparently, I was very happy about having my picture taken, too.

I was probably pissed at the boy in the red shirt standing behind me. He made my life HELL. He chased me. And pinched me. And poked me. If I was on the swings, he was on the swings. At rest time, he would move his towel to be near me. Made my life hell, I tell you.

The girl next to Hell Boy was my best friend. I went to a different school in first grade. By the time our class was reunited in middle school, she was gone - moved away.

In the years since, I had forgotten her name. But I could still show you where her family had lived. And I still remember how sad I was about not seeing her anymore when I changed schools.

The funny thing? Guess who posted the class picture? Yep, her.


Living on the Spit said... cool is that? I hope you two are getting the chance to catch up!

I love to hear stories like that.


Clippy Mat said...

that's neat. the world is a much smaller place because of facebook and sites like it.
sometimes good.
sometimes not.
i hope you enjoy becoming reaquainted.:-)

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

How cool! And I LOVE the class picture! Check out the patterns on some of those PANTS in the front row. Yeeeooow!

(I think Red Shirt boy might have had a crush on you!)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What a great story and what a Great Picture too!

sista #2 said...

Oh God....I remember those dresses that the teachers are sporting!!!


Anonymous said...

I love Facebok! Its amazing the people who come out of the woodwork! Hope you guys are getting the chance to catch up! :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat Woody.. The internet has helped us catch up with old friends. I have found lots of family members (cousins) by working on Family History on the internet.

We all had a HellBoy in our lives. Mine was the little boy across the street named Tony. He chased with with a huge stick.. Wonder what ever happened to him?????


Busy Bee Suz said...

that is SOOO awesome. now you can reconnect??? so cool...I love stories like that.
you were rockin' that dress girl.
Your teachers were a bit risque in those short dresses though.

smiles4u said...

How exciting! I haven't joined facebook or any of those things as of yet, even though my kids and family keep telling me I need to. I think I am afraid that I will get addicted to it like some people and how I tend to get with these kinds of things. I barely have enough time for this blogging gig but your story here makes me want to give it a try.
Hope you have fun connecting with old friends!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh what fun. I hope you commented on her blog and she remembered you. MB

Snooty Primadona said...

I think I only see one little girl smiling out of all the children, lol. The photographer must have been a real riot...

Mini skirts just weren't meant for everyone, were they?

Glad to hear you found an old buddy!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Look at those patterns.
That is an awesome story, now you can catch up.

Predo said...

OMG! I had half those outfits in my class!!!!! You do look darling though, and have only improved since then, I am sure of it!

How wonderful that you shared this trip down memory lane with us! Makes me hope my Grandparents burned those clothes!!!!

How a great day today! You certainly put me on the right track!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

How weird! Did you get to chat with her and catch up?

I think Hell Boy had a crush. That's so sweet - lol.:)

Holy Crappers said...

I need to get facebook.


Big Hair Envy said...

No. Way. OMG! What an awesome day for you!!! The picture is great - YOU are adorable:) I believe I have several pictures that look just like that!

I set up a FB account yesterday, and I had 21 friend requests in the first two hours. It's CRAZY!

Cool Breeze said...

Awesome story! I am seeing more of that kind of thing since I started my Facebook page.

Hellboy just loved you!

Big Hair Envy said...

I think you should start a meme, and have everyone post their kindergarten photos!!!

Desert Survivor said...

Very cool! Great photo and story.

Life with Kaishon said...

You know what it means when a boy chases you and pinches you don't you? He was MADLY in love with you! You were a cute Kindergartener. I totally dig your knee socks. I never looked that cool. Even when I was little!