Monday, August 24, 2009

No Worries

Funny thing happened on the way to the blog this morning. I realized that writing my worries down has helped.

I know it has only been a couple of days but I actually slept last night! All night long. Soundly. Without the aid of drugs or alcohol. It was amazing!!

I feel refreshed. I feel ready to take on the day - to accomplish all on my to-do list.

So here is my plan for the day:
  • Work (Yay - we finally got some $$ from one of our jobs and I can pay some bills!!)
  • Laundry
  • Sweep (I have been inundated with dog hair and mud off of boots!!)
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Ride (Shooting for 20 miles today!!)
  • Sign purchase contract on new house
  • Pick up Pita from dance
  • Pick up AB from preschool
  • Entertain my girls til Prima Ballerina gets off of work
  • Prepare dinner (Any ideas?)
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Dust
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean out the attic
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Clean out the garage
Amazing what a good night's sleep can do for you!


imom said...

Hahaha! Great post. I was reading your list thinking there was no amount of sleep that could make me do all that stuff!

I'm glad you got some rest.

Grandma J said...

Boy your ambitions for today are over the moon!! I'm so glad writing has been so therapeutic for you, but more amazing is what it's done to your motivation...I should look into writing.

Dinner? Since you had a payday, go out to Chili's and have a molton lava cake for dessert.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You always make me laugh..with or without worries. I am enjoying your worry blog.
please take pictures of your big climb today. I am worried you may drop your camera along the way UP.

mom x 2 said...

WooHoo Woody is worry free today!!

So glad your writing is helping you to relieve some of the worry :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Woody---I hope you get your house. Do you think there's a good chance that you WILL??? I hope so.

Glad you are putting your worries to sleep... NOW--don't work so hard that you will be too tired to sleep tonight... ha ha


jay said...

I'm looking forward to getting the kind of night's sleep that makes me want to climb Kilimanjaro! ROFL!

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and able to sleep at last. It's a vicious circle, you know. The less sleep you have, the more stressed and full of worry you get.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Nothing better than a good nights sleep to make things all better!