Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Am Deeply Indebted to So Many People

For the past several nights, I have been watching the Ken Burns' special on PBS, National Parks: America's Best Idea. Vol Fan has been bored to tears so I have been recording it on my trusty DVR:) [Sidebar: The person that invented the DVR is another one that I am indebted to!!] But I have loved every second of this special.

Anyone who knows me knows that I dearly love my National Parks. So a 6-night special on their history is right up my alley.

I have pulled Vol Fan along to so many places (most he enjoyed once there!!) but I have not even scratched the surface. I encourage you to embrace this beautiful weather. Get out there and explore!

But back to the topic...

In watching this series, I have learned that I am deeply indebted to so many people for their contributions into the establishment of the parks.

John Muir - the visionary. For viewing Yosemite as a spiritual place. For knowing that we all need to get outside and into the wilderness to renew our spirits.

Pres. Theodore Roosevelt - the bold. For being willing to use The Antiquities Act to set aside lands with one stroke of his pen.

Stephen Mather - the promoter. For realizing that getting people excited about the parks was the best way to protect them. For being willing to put his own money on the line to do what was needed.

And so many more....Thank you.

After learning about Stephen Mather and his contributions, I am so very glad that my first glimpse of The Grand Canyon was from Mather Point. Our route and timing was quite by accident but it was the highlight of our trip west last May.

So if you visit the Grand Canyon, I have this bit of advice. Arrive about 1-2 hours prior to sunset and arrive from the south. This will be your reward.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Woody, Cdub and I have been watching this too! We love our parks too but have never been to as many as you! WOW! So I will ditto you.....Thank you.

Leedra said...

Looks like 'my tree', but I photographed it at sunrise.

I too have been catching as much of this as I can...don't have the trusty DVR, wish I did. I work until midnight, so I have been going home and watching parts of the 2 hrs that start at 1AM. This morning I stayed with it until it started over at 3AM, then I MADE myself go to bed. I have only seen about 15 minutes about our Great Smokies, and have been a little disappointed about that. I know there could be more, just not when I have been able to watch it. You did a very good post here about the series. I did look to see how much it is to buy it (yes, I really like it too) and it is $99 for the whole set. Hope some more is on tonight when I get off work. Although I have to get up earlier tomorrow, so I canNOT stay up until 3AM.

Monkey Toe Momma said...

We've watched a few episodes. What we've watched has been awesome, although, I do have to admit that if I had control of the remote, that show would have been off before it even began. So, I guess I have to also admit that Brian was right, the show was interesting. But I wont tell him that because he'll get all smug.

So, I guess that make it Quarto?

Anonymous said...

I watched the first episode since my family has a cabin in Yosemite. I try and get there once a year and LOVE it. It is SUCH an amazing place and to think what could have happened to it had it not been protected. Ah!

Ken Burns is awesome.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Yes---how we love our DVR also. I'm sure the series is great--so maybe someday I'll get the video and watch it (when there's not so much else going on). I have a friend who collects National Parks like we collect waterfalls. They have some kind of little book which they get stamped every time they visit a National Park or Monument... They've seen many of them!!!!

How is your foot/ankle???

Mental P Mama said...

Our parks are our treasures! I am going to get the whole set! Hope you are feeling okay;)

Grandma J said...

I have twelve national park stamps in my passport. You have me beat!

Caution Flag said...

We have the series on our dvr, too. Someday soon we will actually sit and watch. I love that national parks badge. Going to see now how many I have.

imom said...

I've heard nothing but great things about this Ken Burns series! I'm going to have to get it on DVD. Love the Grand Canyon picture!

big hair envy said...

That photo is absolutely amazing!

Hope things are well in your world.....that you're feeling better, that the house move will go smoothly, and that you will be back on your bike in no time:)

Travel Girl said...

I thought of you when I heard this was coming on. I'll have to catch a rerun. I bet it was great.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, boy. I think many of us really take so much in this country for granted. Thanks for bringing this TV special to my attention. I don't have a DVR, but maybe I can rent it on DVD or check to see if it's on again. It sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

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