Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Night In Bethlehem

On Monday evening, I took Pita and AB to a local church's rendition of Bethlehem. We met the rest of the clan there.

This church really does it up right.

To enter, we had to be counted for the census and pay our taxes. There were Roman centurions. Shepherds. Wise men (Soccer Boy was a wise man!!). Angels. Mary. Joseph. And Baby Jesus.

There was a bread maker. A cheese maker. A fisherman. A weaver. A potter. A coppersmith. A carpenter. A butcher (complete with real meat hanging in his stall, including a cow's tongue).

There were goats, even some with huge horns. And sheep. And donkeys. And camels.

There were even people in jail for not paying their taxes.

We may need to get some help for these girls in the future. When we left, I asked each what their favorite thing was.

Pita's answer: "That big horny thing."

AB's answer: "The jail."


T said...

Our little town does it up big!

How cute are they!

smiles4u said...

LOL I remember taking my kids to a live nativity when they were young and we really enjoyed it too! Merry Christmas Eve!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I love real nativity scenes...Merry Merry to you all! xoxo, Lauren

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Too funny!
Love and Blessings Woody and Merry Christmas!

Living on the Spit said...

I think they may be spending WAY too much time with their Aunt Woody!! Nah, one can never have too much time with you!!

So cute!! Hope you all have a wonderful time with each other!

mom x 2 said...

Haha! Too funny :) Love AB's answer!

Have a wonderful holiday Woody!

Diane said...

Seeing it through children's eyes... priceless!

Happiest of holidays to you and yours!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat experience for the kids --to know a little about what Bethlehem was like all those many years ago. My church in Texas did that for 3 nights every Christmas also--and had people attending from all around the area (thousands)... I'm glad to see other churches doing it. It is so special.

And the neatest thing for this Grammy was seeing one of my grandsons and his parents (son and DIL) sitting in the manger being Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus. (Talk about SPECIAL--for this Grandmother!!!)

Merry Christmas.

Grandma J said...

What great memories!

Merry Christmas

Snooty Primadona said...

One of the churches here does a live nativity every year but I had to go alone this year. I would much rather have had your crew...

Busy Bee Suz said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! They are so funny.

big hair envy said...

I have never been to a live nativity....I'll have to look into that next year:)

LOVE the girls' answers...;)

Life with Kaishon said...

I can NOT stop laughing : )