Friday, September 17, 2010

The New Do

One thing that is an adventure while on the road is finding a stylist.  Usually I am close enough to zip to Tennessee on occasion and pay a visit to Judy, my magician.  But it's not quite so easy to zip to Tennessee from California.  So I was needing some hair work in a bad way!

This was when I stumbled upon The Bee Hive.  Cute, right?  Mallory, the owner, is a cute hippy chick - young, vibrant, and just as sweet as could be.  And Luna, her 15 year old dog, sits at your feet while you get your hair done.  So this place HAS to be awesome, right?

And it is awesome with one glaring problem.

Mallory is excellent with color.  I have never had a color job that not only highlights my skin tones but blends SO good with my natural color when the roots start to show.  Fantastic!

Mallory, being young and hip, gives young and hip haircuts.  So yesterday when I told her I was planning on letting my hair grow out some, she was very excited about all the 'cute in-between' looks.  "A new look every time!"  And when I left her salon, I had a very cute, hip haircut. 

This is where the glaring problem enters.

While my haircut is young and hip, my styling methods are old and stodgy.  So when you mix a young and hip haircut with styling methods that are old and stodgy, you know what you get?  Well, today I ended up with little twigs sticking out all over my head with two large pieces that pointed forward like elephant tusks.

I only wish I were exaggerating.

So I purchased a new brush.  Surely the problem with the syling was my brush.  Surely....


My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Hahaha...I seem to have that problem daily...and I've got a basket full of different hair brushes, curling irons and straightners, clips, bows, bands, pins whatever...
the only time it looks really good is when I get off the Harley...the windblown look is good for me...not to figure how to get that during winter and snow season.
Your hair sounds really cute

Caution Flag said...

Oh, I understand!!! The stylists always say to get a new brush, but it never helps me. I am stylistically impaired. Take that however you will. All meanings apply.

Lori said...

LOL No pictures of this? :)

This is why I wear my hair straight and long because I know me all too well...I've learned over the years that what looked cute in the salon ended up looking rediculously silly on me when I got my hands on you could go back and she would work with you? My friend did that not long ago and the stylist was happy to do that.

Hope you and yours have a wildly fun adventuresome weekend and take pictures of it to show us. XX

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh no!!!
I am sure if you go back, she can give you a tutorial on doing your 'do.

Nelson's Mama said...


Mental P Mama said...

Ummmmm. Picture?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

If it were me, I'd go back and get some lessons on what to do to get it to look good. I'm sure that lady will help you... New hairdos are nice ---but I'm at the age where simple is better.... SO---I just get mine cut the same way all of the time. BORING... ha


Desert Survivor said...

Good luck! I'm undergoing some hair trauma right now and wish I knew what to do besides put a hat on. At least you've got the nice ocean breeze to help do the styling!

T said...

I swear hair trauma is the worse!

Hang in there and just keep at it. Either you'll get the hang of the new do, or stumble upon a new one!