Monday, November 1, 2010

I Got You, Babe

Several weeks ago (after consuming several beers), Vol Fan agreed to dress up as Cher to my Sonny.  As the days headed toward Halloween, Vol Fan started to have second thoughts.  The guys were ribbing him beyond belief.  He was teetering on the brink of backing out.

But Vol Fan has one quirk that played in my favor.  Once money is spent, whatever that money was spent for must be done!  And money had been spent.

So Saturday evening, we donned our costumes and headed to the Halloween party at our favorite hangout, Pirates Grub and Grog.
Cher was a hit!  He even tied for 1st place in the Sexiest Costume contest!  We placed 2nd in the Couples contest.  (I think I was a little more Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider than Sonny but whatever!)

Seriously, Vol Fan stole the show!  He has such a delicate build.  You might even call him wispy.
He got hit on all night long!  He said he has never had his butt (and boobs!) grabbed so much in his entire life.  But with those looks, can you blame the people?
This is his co-winner of sexiest costume.  She was really working the dominatrix bit!
Even with his reservations going in, Vol Fan ended up having a great time.  And so did I!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how wonderful... Only a great Tenn. Fan would be willing to do that!!!!!! I LOVE it.....

That's the prettiest Cher I have ever seen... And Sonny ain't too bad either.

Mental P Mama said...

Too. Much. Fun.

Nelson's Mama said...

You two look GREAT!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wispy.Delicate.just a dainty little flower he is.
I love this. Love your hairy chest!!!

Lori said...

You guys looked awesome!!! Looks and sounds like it was fun. Congrats on 2nd place!! Woot! Woot!

Travel Girl said...

Did Vol Fan have to wear high heels? He is such a good sport.

laurenne said...

Damn, that man has some great gams.