Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sane One Speaks

Vol Fan's cousin, The Sane One sent this email to me about his 'Ariel' Halloween costume....

"Every year, my moms side of the family has a Halloween contest. We've placed third and second before but never could get over that hump. So after coming up with several ideas....we all knew what would win.

4 Disney princesses rolling up the driveway! However, there were some glitches along the way.

Sweet Cheeks [The Sane One's daughter] knew she was going to be Cinderella. It is her favorite princess of course!

Speech [The Sane One's wife] wanted to be Snow White...so that one was easy to put together.

Mine and Chunk's [The Sane One's son] costumes were the hard ones to pick from. Seeing that we both would be going in drag.....we had to do some searching. Finally we came up with Jasmine. (Aladdin) She was the only princess that didn't wear a dress. Jumped on ebay and bam! I found an AWESOME jasmine costume for 9 bucks. This thing isn't your average thin/fake material....its good quality.

Leading to me...I figured I would go all out. Ariel was the only girl that didn't necessary wear a dress. I had options with her. So after going to Joann's and buying alot of fabric and then borrowing my neighbors sewing machine, I went to work. Staying up till 1am at one point just putting it together. After my first initial trial, I found that my "dress/fin" suite fit me like a potato sack. So I went back and measured, and hemmed. I got that baby just perfect!

Ordered me a sea shell bra from Hawaii (which said it would hold up to a size D), painted them purple and added some glitter...cause my Ariel was going to have some bling.

*By the way, feel free in asking to borrow my bra anytime you wish. Its now carefully in a drawer not being used... :-) *

Found a good Red Head wig on Amazon, a flower from the Dollar store......and I was good to go!

Until the morning of....everything was going to plan. Then my beautiful 1 year old Chunk decided he didn't want to dress like the other team.

Now I wasn't going to scar my son. I wasn't going to make him wear the Jasmine outfit. But, if he didn't put on that outfit....we were screwed. Sure enough, Speech and I both had zero success. We even video taped the process. He would walk over.....then say NO. And point to his sister and so "ez swee chees" which in baby talk was the closest thing to "is Sweet Cheeks".

Now he turns 2 in January so the fact he knew it was a girls outfit just cracks me up. My little guy was smart enough to figure out that he WASN'T going as Jasmine.

Luckily, Speech had made a Target run earlier in the week to pick up a cheap costume for him to wear at daycare. With some added buttons, tassels, and a ribbon across the chest...we managed to make his fireman outfit the only passable thing we could come up with for a Prince.

So 3 princesses and 1 prince later.......we showed up. Won first place! And that's the story.

I love the fact I'm on the front page of the blog....I'll be happy to share some more pics that didn't make the Facebook page if you're interested. (my boss is now my friend on here....)

Just cause I love reading your stuff! Feel free to add any background story or leave it. Your call.

The Sane One"

Two things I love about this story:
  1. He SEWED!!!   How awesome is that!!
  2. I now have a shell bra that I can borrow.  Sweet!
But mostly, I loved this pic that he sent as well.  The instant I saw it, I knew I had to blog about it.  He claims that a little 'extra motivation' may have been a factor.
The Sane One had one request - I had to include a pic to show that he, in fact, was sane.  So I have included several, some that I lifted off of his Facebook page.

So what do you think?  Can he still hold the title of 'The Sane One'?


Mental P Mama said...

That right there is my kind of sane....

The Sane One said...


Common, it was a good outfit! Last years "gomez" got me second so I had to step up. Its not like I went as Sonny and Cher....it was Disney!

For the love of all that's natural, don't take my title away from me.



Err, "The Sane One"

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE this....yes, compared to MY family he is the sane one. I think he could actually fit into my trunk if need be. :)
You have to love a man who can sew his own princess costume.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---let's let him keep his title.... After all, he probably is more sane than many people out there these days... ha ha

Love the costume ---but I enjoyed seeing all of the other pictures also...

Glad he is VolFan's cousin... Is he a big Vol Fan also?????????

Betsy---a HUGE Vol Fan

Nelson's Mama said...

Love this post!

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time lately!!

Anonymous said...

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