Sunday, April 17, 2011

California Poppy Festival

Somehow I was able to convince Vol Fan that looking at poppies for the second weekend in a row was the perfect Saturday plan.  So on Saturday morning, we loaded up and headed inland - to Lancaster, California.  This weekend was the annual California Poppy Festival.

The California Poppy Festival is a well organized event.  My only gripe was that they could have used more portapotties scattered throughout the site.  There was music and dancing and animal demonstrations (I really enjoyed the sheep herding demonstrations by Drummond ranch.  If I ever have to herd sheep, I want a dog like Lacey.  She was so well-trained that her handler sat in a chair in the shade the entire time she was showing her skills.  He only had a whistle that he blew!) and craft vendors and food vendors and just about everything that a festival needs!

I made a slight error by forgetting the sunscreen.  Ok, ok, maybe it was a huge error.  And maybe I am as red as a lobster.  But it was a great day.  If you are ever near Lancaster in April, make time to stop by this event!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh --I'm so glad you went back, Woody... Sorry you got sunburned... You wouldn't get sunburned here today since our temperature early this morning was only 33..... Gads!!!!!

Beautiful pictures of the Poppies.

Mental P Mama said...

They are so beautiful...ever see any blue poppies?

SusanoftheBox said...

Beautiful photos! I love going to the Poppy Preserve, but I've never been for the festival. It sounds like fun.
I'm glad you go to see the flowers opened up. It is an amazing sight to see the endless orange fields!

Lori said...

Beautiful. I so needed to see something springish. It doesn't really look like spring here...actually more like November...woke up to a few inches of snow covering everything yesterday morning and it's been are outside playing in winter jackets, hats and these beautiful flowers brighten up my day.

I've so missed visting you here. Thank you for your many visits to my place to check up on me and give me your love. Thank you. I hope you know how much it has meant to me. I really hope to update soon. I am really thankful for this opportunity to stop by and say hello and to thank you for your friendship. Much love and many hugs to you sweet friend. I pray you and yours are well. XX

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gorgeous photos Woody. The festival sounds like a great day outside...with sunscreen and a hat though. :)

Tammy said...

Beautiful photos! The festival sounds like a ton of fun.

Grandma J said...

Nothing compares to the California Poppy fields, as well as the other wild flowers in CA. After all the rain they are glorious. So glad you got to enjoy them!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Fabulous shots! You and those poppies have the same color now?