Friday, August 26, 2011

The Art Of Being An Aunt, Learned From Uncles

In addition to the wonderful ladies that I talked about in my last post, my Mom also had two brothers.  Sadly one has passed away.  But those brothers did what brothers do.  They teased and tormented their sisters.  Then their sister's offspring.  And then the offspring of the offspring of their sisters.  I assume it will continue to the next generation as well.

Whether I was being tormented or joining in their antics and assisting in tormenting someone else, I learned a very valuable lesson.

You always tease and torment those that you love. :)  So if I tease you, it means that I love you!

A prime example happened this last weekend.  One of my Mom's first cousins came down for a visit.  Due to life getting in the way, she had not visited Mississippi in 20+ years.  My uncle T went to the hotel to pick her up.  She was standing in the lobby waiting by the door.  He walked in and said hello.  She said hello but it was obvious to him that she did not recognize him.  Now any normal human being would have told her who he was and gone on with their day.  But not my uncle T.  It went like this:

Uncle T:  Hello.

Cousin Vicky:  Hello.  [continues to look out the door]

Uncle T:  I was thinking about getting a room here.  Are you staying here?

Cousin Vicky:  Yes.  [continues to look out the door]

Uncle T:  So how is it?  Are the rooms clean?  Would you recommend this place?

Cousin Vicky:  Yes.  Our room is very nice. [continues to look out the door]

Uncle T:  So would you help me save a little money and let me stay with you?  Maybe we could make it an enjoyable night for both of us.

Cousin Vicky:  Excuse me!!!! [With her mouth hanging open, she turns to the man with all the questions.  And finally recognizes him.  They hug and do all the "OMG!  It's you! Great to see you" stuff and turn to go out the door together.]

Uncle T: [with a wink to the desk worker and the people in the looby] Looks like I found a place to stay for the night!!

Cousin Vicky was not so sure she was going to be able to face the man at the desk again...


Tammy said...

Haha! That's a great story.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, that is hilarious!! I love your family.
We are a family of teasers is a great way to show your love!

Caution/Lisa said...

Please adopt me!! Please!! Please??

George said...

This is a great story. I would like to meet your uncle.

Mental P Mama said...

You have the best family. Ever.

Desert Survivor said...


Snooty Primadona said...

That is so funny! Hubby's family was always funny, but that ended when his folks died. Now, they are just pissed off about things that happened long ago, in the past. Whatever. Get over it!

Do you realize how blessed you are? In my next life I think I deserve a family like yours...

So, do you need a sister? I've always wanted a sister, LOL!