Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maw Jones

This is Maw Jones, Vol Fan's great-grandmother.  I loved this photo the instant I laid eyes on it.

The vast ocean behind her mirroring the vast number of things experienced by her hands, the vast amount of wisdom shown by the lines on her face.

Something about the expression on her face causes me to wonder...What was she thinking?  Reflecting on all the wonderful things in her life?  Reflecting on all the 'if onlys' of her life?

I have always waxed poetic about it, every time I look at it. 

Vol Fan, on the other hand, doesn't see that at all.  All he sees is the woman that had the best aim in the world.

When Vol Fan or any of his cousins got in trouble, she would send them out to cut a fresh switch.  Yes, they had to cut the switch that was going to be used to give them licks!  Talk about giving a kid something to reflect upon!  Her aim was always true and they didn't fail to remember their lesson.

But mainly, Vol Fan remembers her aim for the spittoon.  You see, Maw Jones liked to dip a little snuff.  According to Vol Fan, she would place two fingers on either side of her mouth to pull her lips taut and spit between those fingers.  She could hit the spittoon by the front door while sitting in her favorite chair across the room.  Without getting one drop on the floor!

That's pretty impressive stuff!  Gross but impressive:)


Mental P Mama said...

Now that's a goog ol' Tennessee gal! Love her.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, gross but impressive. I love this photo and I don't even know her. :)
I used to have to get my own switches too...oy vey.

Tammy said...

I love everything about this post! The photo, your questions about it and the story of Vol fan and his great grandma!

Snooty Primadona said...

My grandmother *Mimi* always did the same thing (made me get my own switch), which always terrified me although it was never too bad.

On another note, I can remember Mimi's mother coming to stay & she chewed tobacco, carrying around a *spit can*. It was so disgusting. Unfortunately, she wasn't as good an aim as Vol Fan's grandmother...

George said...

Maw Jones sounds like quite a woman and quite a character. I think Vol Fan was fortunate to know her. The picture is wonderful.