Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tour of Southwest Georgia

For the last few weeks, Vol Fan has been in Albany, Georgia.  I have been running back and forth between there and home.  When he is on short jobs and living in a hotel room, I usually don't pack and go with him.  It makes for some lonely times for both of us.  But hotel living is expensive.  Believe it or not, it is cheaper for me to run back and forth

And while I run the roads, I like to take the time to explore and see new things.  To be quite honest, southwest Georgia doesn't seem to offer much in the way of tourist destinations.  In my eyes though, everywhere is a tourist destination.  There are always things to see, even if they seem commonplace or boring.

Southwest Georgia is full of beautiful groves of pecan trees.  Think of them the next time you take a bite of pecan pie!  Have you ever seen how they harvest nuts?  They spread a tarp on the ground under the tree.  Then a machine with a padded arm grabs the tree and shakes it like crazy!  The nuts rain down from the branches onto the tarp for collection.  Pretty ingenious!

Many pecan groves frame beautiful homes!  Isn't this place just fantastic?  Scarlett, where are you?

There were fields full of whatever this crop is. I was so curious that I pulled over and went into a field to get a closer look.  My best guess is millet but I'm not sure.  If it is, I am really curious as to how the farmers keep the birds from eating their crop since they are growing bird seed:)

The cotton harvest was in full swing.  If you have never been near a cotton harvest, it is quite an experience.  It looks like it is snowing as the cotton fibers get blown by the wind.  I, for one, love a crop of cotton because I LOVE my high-thread-count 100% cotton sheets!

Those things covered in blue tarps are loads of cotton that have been harvested and are waiting transport to the gin.

Another huge crop is pulp wood.  Huge tracts of land are planted in pine trees, row after row after row, growing until they are harvested to be made into paper.   I couldn't seem to frame a photo that captured the vast amounts of trees.  That was just as well because I was way more enthralled by the Spanish moss hanging from the branches of the live oaks.

I hope you take the time to look for beauty and interesting things anywhere you happen to be.


Busy~Bee Suz said...

Being a Georgia girl, I just love this post. :)
So much beauty to be found!
If I could move into that Scarlett plantation...I'd be there in a heartbeat!!

George said...

I like the way you travel. We also noticed the beautiful pecan trees when we traveled the back roads of southern Georgia. I've been fascinated with Spanish Moss since the first time I went to Florida years and years ago. Thanks for taking us along with you on this beautiful trip.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Woody, Georgia is a neat state --as long as you are not there in the heat of summer!!!! ha.... We have driven many of those 'back' roads ---when we'd go visit my brother in Florida (when he was alive).

One thing I always wanted to do is to start a collection of all of the neat courthouses in those small towns --not just in GA --but anywhere. Haven't added that to my LONG list yet though...ha

Glad you enjoy traveling ---so that going back and forth is fun for you!!!!!

One of my sons sent me info one time on that jet ski boat at Snake River... Looks awesome!!!!

Nelson's Mama said...


Looks like you are having a GREAT time!

Sorry I haven't commented in FOREVER...looks like that could be milo...they grow it some around home, especially just across the Tennessee border.

Be careful and have a great trip!

The Incredible Woody said...

I googled it and you are right! It is milo aka grain sorghum:)