Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vol Fan's Truck

When I first met Vol Fan, he drove a truck very near in age and style to this one.  He drove a 1963 Chevy pickup with stepside bed.  It had a something-something motor and a something-something transmission and a something-something rear end.  Only Vol Fan's wasn't this pretty.

Vol Fan didn't come from a family where every little thing was handed to the children.  If you wanted a vehicle, you were expected to work and save enough money to purchase one.  Vol Fan realized early on that he wanted this model of truck.  Though too young to have a job, Vol Fan was nothing if not resourceful.

Vol Fan's Mamaw lived next door and walked a mile or so every afternoon to meet her ride to work.  Vol Fan walked with her.  While walking, they would pick up cans.  Every so often, they would take them to the salvage place and cash them in.  He eventually saved enough to purchase the truck of his dreams.  Too bad it did not run!  So he kept picking up cans and doing odd jobs to earn enough money to pay for parts and repairs.

Vol Fan loved that truck.

Then he met me.  And fell in love with me.  I hated that truck. 

It was about 5000 different colors.  Vol Fan would buy whatever color of primer that happened to be on sale.  So the truck was an assortment of grays and blacks and reds.  He loved that truck.

It had a hole in the floorboard where you could watch the road go by.  Vol Fan thought it made a fabulous spittoon since he dips tobacco.  The hole was made from a mismeasurement when Vol Fan was moving the shifter from the column to the floor.  He loved that truck.

Like anything that needs restoration, it was a money pit.  We were young.  Newly married.  And broke.  So I hated that truck.

Eventually my logical argument won out and Vol Fan got rid of his truck.  And he regrets it to this day.

If I ever hit the Powerball, I will buy him another one.  Hopefully he will paint it all one color.

But I'm guessing he will put another hole in the floorboard ;)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I would've hated that truck too ;-)

George said...

This is a cute post. I'm not surprised that Vol Fan chose you over the truck. But I can understand why he loved that truck. It's nice of you to offer to buy him one if you win at Powerball.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how funny... Love this story... When George and I were first married, he wore a baseball cap and I hated it... SO--he threw away his entire collection... WELL--I felt badly about my attitude, so now he has a new collection going---and he wears a baseball cap everywhere we go (except church)... And it's OKAY.... Hope VolFan gets another truck someday --just like the one he wanted...


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I want to hit the power ball and get hime one too! But, it won't have a hole in the floorboard. The car I grew up in had a hole and it was heck going over puddles!!! :)

Desert Survivor said...

My husband loves to buy old vehicles, thinking he will fix them up and they will be awesome. Somehow each one turns out to be a money pit and I'm still waiting for the awesomeness!

He and Vol Fan would get along well.

Nicely told story!