Friday, May 11, 2012

He Sat

He sat enjoying the quiet stillness of the morning.  The only sounds were from the birds searching for a little breakfast.  The sun was just peeking over the horizon, trying to win it's war against the cloud cover.  The smell of the patio-side gardenia hung in the still air.

And he sat, alone with his thoughts.  Much was weighing heavily on his mind - his wife, his kids, his job, his bills.  All the usual stuff.  The things that in and of themselves aren't hard but when all added together, they threaten to break you.  The peace of the morning was helping to clear his muddled mind. 

And so he sat.

He enjoyed the slight breeze that began to stir.  It was gentle, like a lover's caress across his skin.  He inhaled deeply, slowly.  Each cleansing breath was carrying away a small piece of worry.  The tightness in his neck was starting to ease.  He rolled his head from side to side, stretching the taut muscles.

And still he sat.  The breeze had picked up.  It played with his hair.  Each strand lifting and fluttering in the current.

As he sat, the strength of the wind began to increase.  Slowly at first.  Hardly enough to even notice.  But the increase was steady.  Before he could grasp the severity of the situation, the wind began to howl - threatening to sending him flying through space.

He had sat too long.  And now it was too late.  He grabbed onto his seat, clinging with all his might.  The force of the wind pulled at each of his digits, lifting one at a time.  As he lost his grip with his left hand, he was able to wrap his long legs around his seat.  His arm flailed as he struggled against the raging wind to try to regain a grip on his seat. 

The grasp of his legs was no match for the wind.  And soon they, too, lost their purchase on the seat.  All that remained was his right hand.  He clamped onto his seat with every ounce of strength he had.  He willed his fingers to just...hang...on...

The wind was merciless.  And neverending.  He could feel his strength fading.  Time slowed.  Every second seemed like a lifetime.  His mind returned to his wife, his kids, his life.  The aggravations in his life that had seemed insurmountable just moments ago were inconsequential compared to the situation he now found himself in.

And still the wind howled.  He felt one finger lose its grip.  And then another.  And another.  His mother had often told him that there was something out there in the universe that was bigger and more powerful than him.  He had just laughed as some men do when they are in their prime.  Now he hoped she was right.  As his hold with his final two fingers was beginning to slip, he called out for help.  He tilted his head back and cried out to the universe.  Beseeching whoever, whatever might be out there to come to his aid.

And then, in an instant, it was over. 

He was still so scared that he could not force himself to move.  Slowly, he looked around, accessing the situation.  He tentatively began to test each of his limbs.  Each seemed to be intact.  And they worked.  He was still here.  He was whole.  He was alive.  Gloriously alive!

His celebration was cut short as he remembered his supplication during his time of need.  And the answer that had been so instantaneous.  His mood sobered as he comtemplated the thing that could be so mighty, so powerful.  Something so formidable as to be able to subdue the wind.  He looked to the sky in bewilderment.  He wished his mother were here, to answer his many questions.

And then he saw it.  Something so tall, so vast that it had to be the one responsible for his rescue. His attention was held captive as he studied this thing so different from himself.  He tried to convey his thanks, his unending gratitude.  She must have heard his cries because she leaned in close, as if  examining him.

Then she turned and walked away, giving the button on the key in her hand a push to lock the car door.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What? Did you write this? It is written beautifully, but I'm confused.
Please help me understand the ending. :)

The Incredible Woody said...

My imagination ran away with me about a bug clinging to my windshield a couple of days ago. :) I might have been hanging around the tailpipe for too long!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Quite a tale!