Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A 'Make Lemonade' Attitude

Vol Fan and I do not have children.  This is definitely not a choice that we made.  But after years and years and years of trying and doctors and tests resulting in no babies, we decided to forgo any more testing or 'trying'.  If we had children, then it was meant to be.  If not, then that was meant to be as well.

For years, we both struggled with emotions when Mother's Day and Father's Day rolled around.  We soon started taking that day to celebrate us in an effort to stop the descent into self-pity, etc.

Now 22 years into our marriage, we have come to accept our childless state.  And have tried to embrace it and the freedom it provides us.

So this year, we officially celebrated Not-A-Father's Day! 

The celebration included sleeping late and then heading to the golf course to embarrass ourselves.  This round of golf made the 3rd time Vol Fan had played and the 2nd time I had played.  And let me tell you - we are awesome!!  Can't you tell by that magnificent form?

Or by the fact that I am hitting my ball across the cart path from the fairway?

Our 18-hole round of golf only took us 4.5 hours!  It takes that long when, for every one time you hit the ball, you hit the dirt behind the ball 3 times and hit only air 4 times. 

Vol Fan scored 126 and I scored 127.  We will not talk about the times that I popped the ball straight up in the air and I returned it to its original starting spot with that swing ignored.  We also will not talk about the time that I was in a sand trap and had hit the ball 5 times before picking it up and tossing it up on the green.  No, we will not talk about that.

What we will talk about is my tee shot on #9.  #9 tee is perched above the irrigation lake, requiring you to hit across the lake.  Picture it....... 

The day was hot but there was a nice breeze.  I stood on the tee box and studied the angle that I would need to hit the ball.  I placed my tee and ball.  I made 2 'practice' swings, to make sure things were loose.  I settled into my stance - arms straight, knees slightly bent, head down.  I swung my driver in a perfect arc, striking my ball in the most perfect spot.  That ball sailed across the lake and traveled, perfectly centered, halfway up the fairway.  Yes, that is the shot we will talk about.  That shot and nothing more.

Unless you want to talk about the fab golf clothes I want.  Because I'm thinking I can totally rock these golf clothes.....


Snooty Primadona said...

It's that one shot that always brings you back...

Mr. Snoots & I are total hacks but we play anyway, and love it. And, it's always that one really great hole that makes us return for another round. We don't wallow in the misery of the other gazillion bad shots, LOL!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well that looks like fun, and I love your positive attitude!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Ha Ha----Since we live on a golf course, we love watching people 'trying' to play golf... Since neither of us have EVER hit a golf ball (other than Putt Putt)---we can sit there and just enjoy the amusement.... ha ha

Have fun!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What? Doesn't Vol take care of golf courses??? He never golfs? It's like the cabinet guy who has broken cabinets. {????] Someone i know personally.

You two have a relationship that is to be admired....must I mention how much you mean to AB and PITA?? NO? Major points there for being mucho important!
I think this golfing thing is a great tradition...but please don't wear any of those shorts. Stick with the crazy skirts, you can totally rock those.

George said...

If only you could play #9 18 times -- you'd have an LPGA-level score. But it does sound as if Not-A-Father's Day was a big success. I think the two of you have successfully advanced to the Lemonade stage.