Sunday, November 17, 2013

Run Like The Wind

[Alternate Title:  Walk Like The Slug]

On Saturday as part of a fitness initiative in our town, they held the 1st Annual Bobcat Vs. Panther 5k.  The Bobcats and Panthers are the mascots of the two middle schools in our town.  The school with the most registrations won a trophy.  And, of course, bragging rights.

Back in the day, I was a West Bobcat.  As was my sister and my brother.  My Mom was even the school secretary.  West is the Best and East is the Least!!  West had seven representatives from our family in the 5k - Vol Fan, Poppy, me, Pita, Home Brew, Crafty, and College Boy.

Pita was in the 'Run Like The Wind' group with Home Brew and College Boy.  She ran the whole distance and completed in 28 minutes!  How awesome is that!

Vol Fan started in the Slug group but eventually just couldn't handle it and took off on his own.  The Slug group held a steady 20-minute-mile pace and finished in 59 minutes.  We were all pretty pleased with ourselves whether slug or wind!

Unfortunately, the least of East beat the best of West in the number of registrations.  But it was a great turnout and a fun time!


Betsy Adams said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! Sounds like the Bobcats were well-represented by your family!!!! How special!!!


George said...

I'm sorry West is the Best had fewer registrants than East is the Least, but your family certainly made a great representation for West.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love how you all ran. What fun!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How fun is that?? What a great idea! I kinda fall in between the slug and the wind category. :)

Swati Singh said...

All guys looking beautiful in the photos! Happy family..

Desert Survivor said...

What a great idea to get people out! Nice job, everyone!