Thursday, November 21, 2013

Veterans Day Program

Last week on Veterans Day, Pita and AB's school had a musical program.  An hour filled with young voices singing patriotic songs.  The finale is a montage of the songs of each branch of the armed forces.  They ask all veterans to stand with their particular branch.
Poppy standing during 'Anchors Aweigh'

Pita and AB with Poppy, our favorite veteran

It is hard to leave that program without a surge of patriotism!


George said...

I have wondered in patriotic songs were still sung in our schools these days. I'm glad to see that Pita and AB are learning and singing these songs. What a wonderful program.

Betsy Adams said...

Oh how neat… I'm sure the little girls were thrilled to have their Poppy there, and I'm sure that Poppy was proud to be there… Hooray for him!!!

Ercotravels said...

Sounds, Interesting program!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They look so happy in that pic! !