Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Visit From Mom

Last weekend, Vol Fan's Mom and our friend MB came for a visit.  We have taken several trips with these beautiful ladies and they are always game for just about anything.  We took one very memorable trip to Niagara Falls in 2003.  In February!!  [Sidebar:  To the Southern mind, wind + snow = wind and snow.  While in Northern reality, wind + snow = white-out conditions.  Yes, we were dumb enough to not know any better and were out driving in a blizzard that shut down the NY State Thruway!  LOL!]

The weather was beautiful so hiking was on the agenda.  We started with a quick walk to one of our favorite places, Rutledge Falls.  The water was flowing like crazy!

Our next hike was a little more involved - Machine Falls.  It seems like an easy walk through the woods until you have to climb down off the ridge!

But it is well worth the effort because it is a gorgeous spot!

We were all glad to prop up our feet at the end of this day!


George said...

Two waterfalls -- what a great day.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a lovely time spent with good people in the beauty of nature. Love the captures.

Desert Survivor said...

Those waterfalls are gorgeous!