Monday, April 21, 2014

Kids And Cameras

Vol Fan's heart skips a beat when he sees Pita or AB with my camera.  Granted - it's not a cheap camera to replace if something should happen to it.  I'm of the opinion that it is far more likely that I'll be the one to drop it.  Plus they know the rules:  Be careful.  Always have the strap around their neck.  Etc.

My heart sings when I see them with my camera.  The thought that they are interested in my hobby makes me smile.  Plus they take some wonderful shots.  Pita took this one over the weekend.



Betsy Adams said...

Yipes---I'd be like VolFan, but we are VERY protective of our cameras... What I'd do is buy each of those gals their own small digital camera... BUT--each to his/her own!!!! I am glad they are interested in photography...

George said...

Pita did get a beautiful photo. I'm glad they are interested in learning more about photography. They'll soon be giving you some serious competition.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Pita has a great eye for beauty….but then again, look who she's been hanging out with. :)
Lolo loves using my camera and it always thrilled me to see what she 'see's.