Monday, July 28, 2014

The Family Float

Since the girls are starting school this week, I decided last Friday was the perfect time to organize an afternoon outing.  We borrowed a second canoe, packed a cooler, and floated a section of the Duck River.

Pita is our family worrier.  Having never been in a canoe, she didn't know what to expect.  So she worried.  She worried that we would sink.  She worried that we would turn over.  She worried that we would be attacked by an alligator.  Once we convinced her that alligators do not live in Tennessee, she worried that we would be attacked by a snapping turtle.  [Apparently she has been watching a little too much River Monsters.]  Of course, I made her take a photo with her 'worried' face on.

Boat #1 was manned by Poppy, The Boss Man, and Pita.  Since Pita made it abundantly clear that she wanted to be in the boat with the best canoers, you can see what she thought of mine and Vol Fan's abilities.

Boat #2 was the AWESOME canoe with me, Vol Fan, and AB.  Proof of Vol Fan's lack of respect (no salute!!) for the boat captain has been noted in his permanent file.

After we got settled in and everyone realized that we weren't going to sink or turn over (as long as they stayed fairly close to center!!), we had a wonderful day.

We made a couple of stops along the way.  First up, rock skipping.

Poppy claims that canes are NOT made like they used to be...

Our second stop was for crawdad catching.  Yes, even I held one of the little critters.  Thank goodness they were tiny!

A perfect afternoon!


George said...

It looks like it was a perfect outing. I'm glad Pita's fears were not realized -- she looks as if she was having a lot of fun as well.

Betsy Adams said...

Looks like a perfect outing for the family... We were at Old Stone Fort recently (hubby had business in Coffee County --dealing with his Dad's estate)... We were surprised to see so much water in the waterfalls there since we have been so doggone dry up here. (Even yesterday--we got nothing from the rains/storms...)

Can't believe that schools are going back so early with each passing year. Do they get more time off during the year????

Glad you had fun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe the girls are going back to school this week!!! This was such a cute post; those girls are just full of awesome sauce!!!!!