Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paint, Paint, And More Paint

The kitchen and breakfast nook paint project got underway this week.  The first evening was all the 'fun' prep work.  Clearing the room.  Patching.  Sanding.  Cleaning.  Fun.  Not!!  Thankfully, Vol Fan is an excellent patcher and sander and I'm an OK clearer and cleaner so together we got it done.

Last night, we put on the first coat of paint.  All the stripes on the wall was where Vol Fan was trying to teach me how to 'cut in'.

I am way better at graffiti than cutting in.

So we decided that it was best if he did the cutting in and I just stick to picture taking.

Can't you see how happy he is to have his picture taken?!?

I told him that he needed to look happy about the project.  He minds good.

First coat finished!

Ok so maybe it's not finished finished since we only did the breakfast nook but that was all we could handle!  We decided that if we got hired by a painting company that we would be fired after the first day since we work so slow.  Haha!


Betsy Adams said...

Oh I remember when we painted our house --after buying it... After that project, I said that the next time, we will hire painters... ha ha

Love your colors. It's really going to be gorgeous..


George said...

I think your paint project is looking good. Painting is very low on my list of favorite things to do.