Friday, November 14, 2014

Party At The House of Wood

Last night, the family gathered to celebrate November birthdays - Pita, Crafty, and Vol Fan.

Since it was the actual day of Vol Fan's birthday, I attempted to create a 'Go Vols' cake.  It was much more 'Go Vols'ish in my vision but it's the thought, right?!?

There were several intense games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

We arm wrestled.

And leg wrestled.

And made silly faces.  Do we know how to party or what?!?


George said...

Your family obviously knows how to party -- it looks as if fun was had by all. The cake looks delicious, even if it didn't quite match your vision.

Betsy Adams said...

Happy Birthday to Pita, Crafty and VolFan... Love the Vol Cake.... I know he loved it...

Looks like everyone had a great time... The last picture is my fav... Adorable. Did you tell them that their faces might 'stick' like that??? HA (My mother used to say that if I looked cross-eyed, my eyes would get stuck and stay that way!!!!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy birthday to all your November peeps. I love your much fun and SO darn silly. Hi-ho cherry o is one of my favorite games!!!!

Ed said...

I could never leg wrestle. I have the hamstring stretch of a two-by-four...