Friday, December 5, 2014

A Tale Of Mileage

In June of 2012, I purchased the shoes on the right.  Merrell Moab Waterproof Light Hikers.

They immediately became my favorite pair of shoes.  I needed to regularly wear a shoe with extra support due to arthritis developing in my big toe joints.  And these fit the bill.  As you can tell, they have held up very well!  That first summer, Vol Fan was working on a golf course in Georgia.  I walked all 18 holes daily - sometimes 21.  The next year, I was attempting to continue my daily walks - wherever we happened to be.  All that walking in these shoes.

This year I upped the ante.  Setting my goal at 1000 miles.  As of yesterday, I had walked 916 miles - in these shoes.  Amazing how good the upper part of the shoe still looks!!  One slight tear starting on the right one by my pinkie toe.  Otherwise good as new!

The bottoms show the truth of my mileage.  Wow!!

But the most important thing about this post is the lesson I learned.  When you find a shoe that you love and that will go the distance, buy another pair just like it!  My feet are ready for next year's goal!!

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George said...

I'm glad you found a good, comfortable pair of shoes to wear on your walks. What will be your goal for next year?