Monday, December 28, 2015

The Gift of Extravagant Love

Last week as Christmas was nearing, a friend posted on Facebook for all the men to remember that a vacuum or a blender wasn't really the gift their wives wanted.  She was reminding them to give their spouses something that made them feel special - something sparkly or something that pampered her.  The thread was full of laughter - men saying they needed to cancel the 'oil change' gift, etc.

One of my high school friends is now a jeweler and owns a jewelry store that specializes in custom jewelry.  Of course, he posted some pics of pieces that he had in his shop if anyone was needing a last minute gift.  But he also posted something thought provoking.  He talked of a phrase that someone had given him years ago - A Gift of Extravagant Love.  And I assume many that were reading the thread thought he meant extravagant as in expensive.

For the last several days, that thread and his comment have been on my mind.  I think the meaning is something vastly different than monetary value.

Was it extravagant love when Vol Fan knew I wanted a nice tripod for my spotting scope?  Was it the rock he picked up last week while working and brought it home because he thought it was pretty and that I might like it?  [I did, by the way]  Was it simply sitting in silence watching the sunset last night?

The conclusion that I have reached is that the gift of extravagant love is something that takes place all year long.  It is something that happens in a million tiny ways each day and when added up, they equal something that is immeasurable.

If this is happening in your world, you probably already know what gift(s) would make your spouse feel loved and special.  If it isn't happening, I challenge you to join me in making this a goal for 2016.  I think our worlds will be better for it.


George said...

What a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we all resolved to make a gift of extravagant love a daily goal in 2016?

Betsy Adams said...

What a great post --and oh, so true.... George and I are constantly doing something 'special' (not expensive) for each other....Those little gifts of love mean more than anything expensive could ever mean... It's all about the LOVE and the constant caring that we give each other year 'round --not just at Christmas.

Of course, we did purchase a new 'smarter-than-us' TV recently --and called it our Christmas present to each other... BUT--as much as I love that new TV, the little Willow ornament that I got on Christmas morning means MUCH more.