Thursday, February 21, 2008

Losing Weight -- NOT!

Could anything be any less flattering than this picture????? Why am I even allowed out of the house?????

Watch out - I'm about to start whining!

Weight this morning: 180.8

What!? I have been exercising, eating my vegetables, and I didn't get those Chewy Sweettarts yesterday!!! So what does the weight-loss genie expect of me? Was she not there - in the gym when I rode that darn stationary bike for an hour? An hour! My butt was numb when I got off. She could have at least not made me GAIN weight!

I know, I know I sit on my big ole behind (and from the looks of that picture it really couldn't get much bigger, now could it?) each day, all day - working on the computer. Typing doesn't expend very many calories. So, what do I expect? Truly - I expect this weight to fall off of me just because I want it to, without any change in diet or activity on my part. That is really what I want!

But, alas, I know that will not happen so I'll eat some more salad and exercise some more. But at least I have lost a little bit and don't look quite as bad as this picture taken a couple of years ago!

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