Friday, February 22, 2008


I haven't gotten off to a great start with my diet goals this year. So I'm officially calling for a re-start. Ok, so tomorrow is Day 1 of my new year.

I have figured out a few things. My willy-nilly attitude toward my diet just isn't working. Apparently, I am eating more than I think I am and exercising less than I think I am. So I went to and signed up for the free account. It is an online food journal where you can keep track of foods eaten and exercise performed. It also has all sorts of reports for you to guage your eating/exercise habits, a place to set goals, and a place to keep a diary.

I have been doing better about eating my fruits and vegetables (which was one of my resolutions this year). I have to make a concerted effort to do it though. I would just as soon eat all carbs, all day, every day! But I must start to take a serious look at every bite of food that goes into my mouth - that means, no more guessing as to portion size. And, according to most diet gurus, I must take a serious look at why that food is going into my mouth as well. I have to learn to eat when I am hungry, not just when I'm 'not full' or when I'm bored or upset.

I have to learn to stop myself from falling completely from the wagon when I do indulge. If I indulge, I end up saying to myself "Well, you've already screwed up so you may as well party it up!!" Then I proceed to eat every chip and every piece of candy that I can lay my hands on. I have been known to squirt Hershey syrup in my mouth.

I am also a closet eater. I realized this today as a put a handful of M & M's in my mouth and then didn't go into the room where Vol Fan was until I had finished chewing and had swallowed. I didn't want to be questioned because I had just eaten lunch!!! So new rule... If I can't/won't eat it in the open, I can't eat it!!

Along this line of thought, it's time for a confession! Prima Ballerina, this is to you: Remember last summer when you couldn't figure out what had happened to that 1/2 bag of egg noodles? You thought your Dad had put the rest of the bag in the pot of chicken noodle soup? It wasn't him -- it was me! I fell off of my wagon and had scarfed them down like there was no tomorrow. When you asked me, I was just too embarrassed to admit it. So now you know -- any time there is food missing, just assume it was me!

Weight this morning: 179.2

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Ashley said...

Let me again ask . . . are you crazy?! Egg noodles?? Regardless of the stolen dried pasta (yuk) I still think you're the greatest!!