Saturday, March 1, 2008

Historic Jamestowne

Ok, I should have posted this yesterday but I procrastinate. So...

Yesterday, I loaded Dixie in the car and we went to Jamestown for the afternoon. It was a sunny day but when the wind blew, it was a little chilly. They have done a lot of renovation since Vol Fan and I were here a couple of years ago. The best thing about yesterday -- I remembered my camera!

Now, if only I were a better photographer. There were several Bald Eagles flying over the water. I pulled over to get my camera. As I was fumbling with my camera and trying to change lens, this one flew directly over my head at about the height of a low street light. Was I able to get a shot of that? Of course not. But he, being a gentlemanly bird, posed very nicely for me in a nearby tree.

Oh, how I wish I had a lot of $$ to spend on classes and lens and other accessories! But, until I hit the Powerball, I guess I will have to learn by doing. Practice, practice, practice. Oh, and remember my camera!

Not to be shown up by a measly old bird, Dixie posed nicely as well. However, she will not look at the camera. I think that she thinks that she is some sort of star. If she could, I think she would hold her paws in front of her face to keep those aggressive paparazzi from getting a good shot!
So, today, I went to the park as usual. But this time, I remembered something very important - my camera! I have been meaning to photograph these trees in the park that have drawn my attention. I don't know what kind they are but the bark peels off making the trunk and limbs look quite striking against a deep blue sky.

So Dixie and I start on our usual hike, stopping when we reach these trees. I take my time finding just the right angle for the best light, etc - man, I am such a professional. So I get set, bring the camera to my eye, push the button... and push the button... and push the button.

Nothing - OH MY GOSH, I HAVE BROKEN MY CAMERA!!! What could I possibly have done?! I don't have the cash to replace this thing!! What am I going to do?!... And then I remember. I took the battery out last night to charge and no, I did not remember to put it back in my camera today.

So back to square one...In order to be a good photographer, you must always bring your camera and the battery!

Weight: 176.6 Less but not quite to my goal.

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