Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eating Out

Today I learned a very important diet lesson. You can't eat out. Ever.

OK, so you can eat out but you can't eat all those wonderful fried, cheesy things that you always ate before you were on a diet. (Note to self: You are on a diet because of all those wonderful fried, cheesy things.)

I ate out twice today and ended up eating 1/3 more calories than I usually do. And I thought I made pretty good choices. At Schlotzsky's, I had a small turkey club with no mayo and at Olive Garden, I had Capellini Pomodoro. The capellini was a good choice but that turkey club really put me over the top. So I will have to get better at questioning the nutritional content when dining out! It's all about small, everyday choices. And not eating out twice in one day unless you want to spend the remainder of that day on the treadmill.

Weight: 176.4

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