Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun new trip!

So, did I really bore you that much with the Big Bend posts? Yeah? Well,...Tough. So on with the new fun trip post - this time to sunny Key West! Forget all the rumors you hear - all the drinking, all the partying, all the nudity. Just forget all of that and I will tell you what Key West is really like for the average boring middle-aged straight couple (that doesn't swing). You know, the truth, the whole truth, and all of that!

First, off - the cast of characters. Me (of course, because how could I deliver the true story if I wasn't there?), Vol Fan (the husband that was apprehensive to go because of all the afformentioned rumors), Harley Rider (Vol Fan's older brother) and Zima (Harley Rider's wife). Second, timeline - July 2007

We drove down A1A from Boynton Beach (that was where we were living at the time). We took our time - stopping at the Harley Davidson place in Coral Gables. We had lunch at Calypso's on Key Largo. We had a good lunch and the guys had a few beers to start things off right!

We continued on down the Overseas Highway, taking our time and enjoying the ride. We stopped at Robbie's on Islamorada to feed the tarpon. Harley Rider convinced Vol Fan to lay down on the dock and hang his hand down with the bait so the fish would jump out of the water. When will Vol Fan learn to never trust your big brother!?! That tarpon got a little something extra with his fish - a piece of Vol Fan's finger! Fortunately, the cut wasn't bad and Vol Fan was still feeling pretty jolly from the beers at lunch.

Once we got to Key West, we checked into our accomodations. We had rented a little house, just a block off of Duval Street. So once we parked the car, it was parked. No drunk driving, only drunk walking! After settling in, the fun began!

First we went here and had a drink.

Then we went here and had a drink.

Then we went here and had a drink.

And that's pretty much it for the next 2 days! Oh, yeah - we did the tourist thing and got our pictures here.

And here.

And then we went here and had a drink.

Well, that makes it sound like all we did was drink. And it pretty much was. Not much else going on in Key West. The adult party atmosphere was pretty pervasive but we did not see any nudity. There were places for that if that is your cup of tea but if not, it's not like people were just walking the streets in the buff. (Possibly there would have been if we had been there at Mardi Gras or Halloween)

We tried to do a "Duval Crawl". Really. We tried. I, personally, don't think its humanly possible to have a drink at every bar and live to tell the tale. But we gave it a shot - having drinks at Fat Tuesday (the mango daiquari was really good - as you can tell from that drink choice, I am a real wimp!), Hog's Breath (this was our favorite place - good bartenders, good drinks, good music, good prices), Green Parrot, Captain Tony's, Sloppy Joe's (the sloppy joe meat on fries was really good as was the Sloppy 'Ritas), a couple of places at Mallory Square (can't remember the names), Irish Kevin's, and Margaritaville (had a Cheeseburger in Paradise). That's all the places that I can remember.

All in all we had a really good time. We bought lots of t-shirts (from Sloppy Joes, Margaritaville, etc) and bought a couple of pairs of Kinos (sandals that are made on the island and have been for years and years). If you go, leave the kids at home and be prepared to spend quite a bit of $$. Drinks and food are a little on the pricey side!

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