Saturday, April 5, 2008

Covered bridge

Vol Fan and I have been having an ongoing discussion. There are two ways of reaching our house up among the trees. He says his way is best - I say my way is best. I'll let you decide.

The benefits of Vol Fan's way:
  1. It is long. He says it's not.
  2. It is steep. He says it's not.
  3. It has more hairpins curves. He tries to say there aren't but you can't argue with the numbers.
  4. It has more speed bumps. Since you can't argue with the numbers, he says the bumps my way are bigger.
  5. It goes by the garbage cans.
  6. It goes by the pond where there are usually ducks swimming.
The benefits of my way:
  1. It is shorter.
  2. It is less steep.
  3. It has less hairpin turns.
  4. It has less speed bumps.
  5. You go over a covered bridge.

Now, granted, Vol Fan's way does make it convenient for taking the trash out and you get to see the ducks. But, my way goes over a covered bridge. That one alone wins out over ducks any day!

So even if my way were longer, steeper, with more hairpin curves, and with more speed bumps, it wins! Right?

PS - When he has a blog, he can blatantly try to sway his readers to his side, too!

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