Monday, April 7, 2008

I had a dream

Last night, I had a dream. I must have seen an ad for the show on Discovery (I think) called Human Footprint. The idea is this: They are going to show, all in one place, everything the average person consumes in his or her lifetime.

In my dream I was walking thru racks piled up with papers. And by racks, I mean racks as far as the eye could see. As I walked, I suddenly realized that all this stuff was mine. There were papers that I had doodled on, papers that I had written notes on, papers for schoolwork, etc. And then came the books - schoolbooks, novels, books from Sunday School, books from Brownies, even my old piano books (with theory books - I haven't thought about piano thery since the last time my piano teacher made me think about piano theory, like 25 years ago!). As I stood looking at all this paper, thinking what a pig I had been for using all this paper, I turned around and there were all these grills - little ones, big ones, charcoal ones, gas ones - with bags of charcoal and cylinders of propane! And then I woke up!

What in the world could that mean? I did a search of an online dream directory. And you know what? They don't know what it means either!

Anyway, let me tell you about my weekend. On Saturday, Vol Fan was home because it was raining. So I drug him along on my exciting plans and let me tell you, he was excited about going too!

First, we went to Mast General Store in Valle Crucis. It has been operating in that location since 1880 or something crazy like that. The edges of the stairs leading to the 2nd floor were rounded over with years and years of foot traffic. They sold everything you could imagine. They even had 4 gentlemen playing bluegrass music. It really added to the mood! Valle Crucis is a picturesque little place. There was an inn that looked like it would make for a romantic weekend. After purchasing some Cry Baby candy, we headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This was the first weekend that any of the visitor centers were open and I needed to get my national park stamp! So off we went - the higher we went, the foggier it got! We finally made it to the visitor center and got the stamp. On our way back home, we spotted some turkeys in a field by the road. There was one male and about 6 females. The male was really working it - he had his feathers in full display mode. It was quite a sight! I have seen turkeys before but never puffed up like that.

I rolled the window down and did my turkey call (This is one of my secret talents!). Apparently, Mr. Turkey didn't like the competition so he called back and turned to face us. So I did it again. He gobbled again and took a couple of steps toward us and puffed his feathers even more. We then decided that we were cramping his style and left him to his own devices! I hope it worked out for him.

On Sunday, Vol Fan worked since the weather was good. I met him at the mexican restaurant for lunch. Boy, was it good! Then I headed to Blowing Rock, which is a little town near Boone. It had a lot of fun shops - some with beautiful pottery or glasswork by local artists. Too bad my purse couldn't handle the prices! But it made for a nice afternoon.

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