Thursday, April 10, 2008


I really, really like spring! And here is my top ten list of reasons why I really, really like spring:

  1. Sleeping with the windows open. Even if it is a little chilly, just pile on more covers - Perfect!
  2. Feeling the sun on my head. Yea! Sun-bleached hair makes the grays blend in!
  3. The smell of freshly mowed grass. I even like to mow a couple of times at the start of each season.
  4. Lying on a blanket reading a good book while catching some rays. Yea! Everything looks better with a tan, even a middle-aged overweight woman!
  5. The smell of anything on the grill. Thus the overweight part of number 4.
  6. The crack of a bat. Even though I am not a sports fan, a local ballgame is always fun.
  7. Blooming trees. Any kind, any color.
  8. The outdoors calings my name. Hiking, cycling, anything - without having to bundle up!
I am sure that there is a number 9 and a number 10 but I can't really come up with anymore right now. But seeing as how I am in the mountains of NC and the weatherman is calling for up to 4 inches of snow on Sunday and Monday, it is looking like my spring hoorah is almost over!

Check out this photo that I just took off of our back porch!

I also really, really like sunsets!

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Jessica said...

Spring is awesome! It's my favorite season. :)