Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm glad to be "hitched" to you!

Criminals 'til the end!

So I was opening the package containing my copy of the most recent edition of Budget Travel. (Which, by the way, is a great travel magazine!) when I noticed this odd sand-like substance in the package and in the magazine. Since I live in an age where terrorism is real, I think I had a fairly normal reaction. I didn't immediately think 'OH MY GOD, IT'S ANTHRAX!!!' and call the FBI, CIA, or Homeland Security. I did, however, call the post office just to ask if this was something to be concerned about. They were absolutely no help. And, truth be told, were quite rude and hateful.

So I called the magazine. They had the same normal reaction that I did. They said that they would contact their printers and packaging people to see if this could be anything normal that accidentally got in the package. So, here I sit, waiting on them to call me back. But, in the mean time if I die of Anthrax poisoning, just know that I tried to go through what I thought were the correct channels (without trying to cause undue concern by calling 9-1-1) and post office officials were absolutely useless!!!

UPDATE: Everyone breathe a big sigh of relief. It wasn't Anthrax, just some kind of junk they put in there to keep the magazine from getting too full of static during shipping. Apparently, my mag got like a quadruple dose or something.

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