Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been AWOL for the past couple of days. But I have a real good excuse - I was visited by royalty. By royalty, of course I mean my niece, Pita. Her dad (my brother) had to come up here for some things on this job. So Pita decided that she wanted to come along. Of course, I dropped everything so I could spend as much time as possible with her.

As they were getting ready to leave today, Pita broke down in tears, saying that she didn't want to go home, that she would miss her Aunt Woody. I hate that she was sad and I hate to see her cry but it sure is nice to be loved!!! Sorry I gotta go collect myself! I sure do miss my family when I'm on the road!


thatcoolbroad said...'ve dealt with some heavy stuff. I'm not sure that unless we've been through similar experiences, we can really know or understand what you've been through emotionally.

To answer your question, as I get older (and with the ease of Google), I find myself wondering more and more about characters from my past and wanting to know what happened to them. I'd imagine that I'd feel the same about siblings (and a father), even if we'd never met.

I guess if a new sibling popped into my life I'd try to be as accepting and understanding as I could. Life was different back then, when our parents were teenagers, so it makes no sense to judge. I guess I'd like to think I'd feel fortunate to get the chance to meet anyone in my family who decided to surface!


thatcoolbroad said...

as you can see...i meant to post this comment to your article on new siblings. sorry, I've already had a glass or two of wine:)