Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hangin' with the Good Ole' Boys

Last night involved noise, slinging mud, gas fumes, and hanging out with the good old' boys. You know the ones - they wear jeans (usually with a Skoal can ring on the back pocket) and ball (or cowboy) hats. They hunt. They fish. They drive trucks. They dip (or chew) tobacco. They watch Nascar.

Yep, you guessed it. I went to a tractor pull. Now these aren't just any old run-of-the-mill tractors. You wouldn't believe these crazy things - some even had jet engines on them. There were four classes - 2-wheel-drive trucks, 4-wheel-drive trucks, stock tractors (they were modified of course but something about them had to be stock - I don't know engines so I'm not really sure what), and modified tractors (now these guys could do anything they wanted, thus the jet engines).

My favorite was the 2-wheel-drive trucks. They were so loud that you could feel your eardrums vibrate. The first driver in that class was a teenage girl. Her first pull was 295 feet, which ended up being the longest pull in her class. However, she thought she could do better and didn't take it. So she ended up in third.

There was a teenage girl driving in the 4-wheel-drive class as well. Her first pull was the longest of the night but in that class, they have a "pull off" for all the drivers that get a "full pull" which is 300'. Sadly she ended up in 6th but if her first pull would've counted, she would have taken first place. I love it when girls beat boys!!

I have to admit my redneck blood came bubbling to the surface! The louder, the better, baby!

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JD at I Do Things said...

This is why I love blogs. I didn't even know exactly what a tractor pull involved! It sounds like fun. Good, noisy fun!