Friday, May 2, 2008


I am trying to make my way back to the world of the living after my surgery. I was surfing the net today and went to my favorite blogger's site, The Fat Cyclist. His wife has just received terrible news about her spreading cancer. If anyone is out there reading this, please pray for them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey -

This is Jodi, I'm Fat Cyclist Elden's sister. I'm putting together a photo montage for his family of the many people on this planet that are here to support them. I've noticed that you are one of these people, and would love it if you could email me a photo of your self holding a sign that says "WIN Susan" - along with your screen name or real name. I'm going to try to have these collected by the beginning of next week, so don't get too fancy, just do it, and email it to:


(not really very fat) Jodi

p.s. Elden doesn't know about this so keep it on the down-low.