Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lessons learned

My surgery - It took place last Monday. I was in by 8:30 and they were shipping me home by noon. Thank goodness they had me pumped full of drugs! The doctor found that, apparently, my collarbone was a little too long for my body and had been chewing away at the tendons and cartilage in that joint. I had also developed a bone spur that had at some point broken off and was just floating around in there. So the doctor got things cleaned up nicely in there.

During my recuperation, I have learned several things:
  1. I am very thankful for Vol Fan. Let's just say that there are quite a few things that you cannot do with only one hand (some of them on the delicate side, so to speak!).
  2. I am very fond of drugs, especially that shot the anesthesiologist called "liquid courage." Once that shot went in, I think I kept that stupid smile on my face for several hours.
  3. I am a whiner.
  4. I am a wimp.
  5. I have a very low tolerance for Mepergan - puts me out like a light!
  6. I will be very glad when I can lift my arm.

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