Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonna-Review (Part 2)

My Saturday line-up:

  • The Wood Brothers - These guys were great. I guess I would describe them as bluesy-folk - does that make sense? I really enjoyed their show and have already downloaded 'Postcards from Hell' on my iPod!

  • Two Gallants - Another group that I could've gone another day without hearing. Again not that they were bad, they just didn't grab me!

  • Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - In a word, WOW! What a voice that woman has! And such a fun show. I was shaking my groove thing while I tried to stay cool and in the shade because it was HOT-HOT-HOT!

  • Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet - I only heard about 15-20 minutes of the show but what little I heard was awesome. There were some incredible musicians on that stage!

  • Gogol Bordello - This was the most fun show I have ever seen! Everyone else in the crowd loved them too. Everyone was on their feet - at one point, there was a conga line that contained about 500 people! They describe their music as gypsy punk and that is exactly what it sounds like. I have downloaded a couple of songs on iTunes but the music doesn't translate very well to the iPod. But I would say that if you ever get the chance to see them live, DO NOT MISS IT!!

  • B. B. King - What more can I say? Just the mention of his name says it all. He is a total class act and can make that guitar sing. I guess what I loved most was his personal touch. You would have thought he was playing for a crowd of 50 rather than 50,000. He is a true legend!

  • Then the plan was to run and catch the end of Ben Folds but I just couldn't make my lazy ass get up and move. I had a spot established and had my shoes off and the weather had cooled off nicely and, well, I just didn't want to move. So I didn't!

  • Jack Johnson - He is another class act. I could just sit and listen to him all day (except for maybe the Curious George soundtrack!). But he put on a great show and was also very personable with the crowd. His music makes me want to lie on the beach. I guess it's the surfer in him!

  • Pearl Jam - My description cannot possibly do justice to this show. It had turned into the perfect southern summer night - warm but not too muggy, cloudless sky with an almost full moon! I think every person at Bonnaroo was at that show and most did not leave until the very end. Their set was slated for 2 hours and usually things at Bonnaroo run right on schedule but after 2 hours, they took a short break, came back and said "I'm alright. Are you alright? Well, let's just play" and on they went for almost another hour! When they played Better Man, many in the audience lifted lighters (check out this clip). Vedder stopped and was seemingly overcome, realizing how large the crowd was and said "That's fucking beautiful." And it was.

  • Phil Lesh & Friends - I have to admit that, while these guys were great, I only lasted about an hour into their set that was slated for 4 hours. They are truly a jam band and I was coming down off of my Pearl Jam high and decided that I just wasn't tripping hard enough to groove fully, but a LOT of people were!! So I moved on to the next tent.....

  • Sigur Ros - And, again, while I really enjoy these guys, I wasn't tripping nearly hard enough to enjoy but a LOT of people were. What I was really longing for was a shower and my bed - yes, I admit it. I am old!

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