Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bonna-Review (Part 1)

Hard decisions had to be made and not everyone could be graced with my listening ear. But's the low down on all the bands that I saw at Bonnaroo. I am not a music expert and don't use music lingo but I like what I like.

On Thursday, I rode with my Bonna-pals (my niece, College Girl and her boyfriend) early in the day to help them set up camp. (Suckas - sleep good in that tent while I sleep in my bed in the AC after taking a shower!!) We were there maybe 10 minutes when the first dealer walked thru offering opium and mushrooms. That's what it's about for a lot of people. But me - I was there for the music.

My Thursday line-up:
  • What Made Milwaukee Famous - I could've lived another day without seeing these guys. Not that they were bad - they just didn't light my fire.

  • Back Door Slam - Wow! These guys were great. They are a rock/blues band from England. I have already downloaded some stuff on my iPod.

  • Grupo Fantasma - What can I say - they make you want to jump up and DANCE!! A lot of fun and really good Latin music.

And then I had to go home because day parking wasn't open yet and my nephew, Soccer Boy, was my ride home.

My Friday line-up:

  • Drive-By Truckers - I guess they are considered country but they are definitely not mainstream country. I would be more likely to label them as rock with a country twang. I sure did enjoy their show. Their music was great and their interaction with the crowd made their show even better.

  • Then I ran to catch the end of The Fiery Furnaces but didn't quite make it there in time.

  • Umphrey's McGee - I really like Umphrey's McGee but now, several days out, I honestly cannot remember one note from the show!?! Maybe I inhaled a little too deeply!?!

  • The Bluegrass Allstars with Luke Bulla, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Bryan Sutton - These guys are phenomenal! Bela Fleck can play some serious banjo. Check out this clip!

  • The Raconteurs - They were fantastic! Jack White can play guitar like it's nobody's business. I don't know the other guitarist's name but he and Jack White were almost dueling each other. They really seemed to enjoy the show and that enthusiam crossed to the crowd. And, boy, were they ever LOUD!!! [On a side note, Jack White really needs to get out in the sun. He has to be the palest human being ever.]

  • Willie Nelson - I was really looking forward to seeing Willie but he just didn't have it. The sound guys had his volume down really low and I could hardly hear him. But when I did hear him, he wasn't singing - he was talking the songs. And then he started doing gospel, which may have been fine - it just wasn't what I wanted to hear.

  • Then I tried to make it for the end of Chris Rock but I really needed to pee and I really needed a piece of pizza. So by the time I got to the stage he was on and got a spot and settled in, all I heard was his last joke - "Spitters are quitters!" And that was that!

  • Metallica - I have never been much of a Metallica fan except for Nothing Else Matters and maybe Enter Sandman. So I wasn't really expecting to enjoy the show very much. But I was pleasantly surprised. They put on a really good show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I only lasted for part of a spectacular show by My Morning Jacket. Check out this review and awesome pics!

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Boz said...

I wonder how the fiery Furnaces would translate live. I'd like to see them and find out. I'll have to try and catch them next time the play Mpls. Sound like you caught some good shows, especially Back Door Slam!