Friday, June 27, 2008

Bonnaroo Atmosphere

If you are easily offended, please turn away now. There are some horrific images in this post! (PS - plus a little nudity!! But it's not pretty - trust me!!)
And excuse the terrible formatting - I can't figure out what went wrong!!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Bonnaroo, a 4-day music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee.

(Or maybe I mentioned that before!)

Today, I thought I would try to give you a look at some of the atmosphere so you could get a true feel for the event. The pic to the left above is while we were waiting to get in. We had a wait of about 3 hours.

The art installations are always fun - the bobble heads are my favorite! I can't imagine being inside the yarn web on a trip gone horribly wrong!!

This year they even had a post office.

All kinds of camping regalia was present - this one was one of the most unusual that I saw!! These campers always seemed to be having a REALLY good time.

This was the only police presence. Boy, are those some BIG horses! It was pretty much anything goes. Only cursory searches given to vehicles - mainly looking for weapons or massive quantities of drugs. If they found your stash (unless it was a huge quantity), they just took it away and sent you on your way. I must look like I'm pretty trustworthy - I could've hauled any amount of anything into that place!

There was always something fun going on.

Like pyramid building...

Or a parade. And who doesn't love a parade, especially one with hotdog man!?!?
Sunsets are always beautiful!

This is a picture of my Bonna-pals - my niece, College Girl, and her boyfriend. Don't you just love College Girl's fashion statement! It rained Saturday morning so she was trying to get warm and keep her feet dry. I will admit that I was wearing my pink rain boots, too!

This is me with College Girl. There will be no funny comments on my hat. Yes, I know how stupid I look. But it does a really good job of shading my face. I had to flip up the front to see the shows once I was settled in. "Why didn't you just take it off?", you ask. Believe me, the stupid-looking flipped-up brim looked better than my hair. Trust me! And I really like that hat - there's no accounting for taste, huh?

There were people of all ages at the festival. From old farts...

To Bonna-babies.

There were all kinds of fashion statements.

Everything from Watermelon Man...

To Whoopee Cushion Man..

To Jesus...

To whatever this is...

To this cute purple couple - they had little white balls sewn all over their outfits...


You can't really see it in this picture but the guy has an elephant head painted on his pelvis - using his pee-pee as the trunk. I had several reports that it was a REALLY small trunk - maybe it was just nerves or maybe it was cold... Thank God - I did not personally see this pair!!

Men in skirts were almost as commonplace as dreadlocks.

I really can't figure out what was up with these guys. There were like 4 or 5 in this same outfit. Easy to spot your friends in a crowd, I guess!
There were also many hats and hairstyles.

My favorite was Pumpkin Head. I saw him last year too!

There were a lot of very painful looking sunburns, too!

I can't wait til next year!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...maybe we'll just breeze through TN without stopping on our road trip next week. some of those characters looked a bit strange. lol. :)

gaining some lb's said...

OMG that look like so much freakin fun!
You took some great photos....loved some of the outfits!


Manager Mom said...

Wow... I have GOT to get to Bonnaroo.. Those pasties were pretty funny. I'm so flat chested I could probably walk around topless and people would just think I'm a dude.

Philly said...

You didnt mention food. How was the food at this grand festival?


Lori said...

Hmmm - I not really qualified to answer about the food. I try to avoid portajohns at all costs. So I ate cheese pizza for 4 days.

(And one battered-coated deep-fried then powdered-sugar-coated Snickers which was quite possibly the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!!)

But there were booths for everything from corndogs to seafood!

Big Hair Envy said...

It's official. Everyone else is having more fun than I am.

I'm getting on line now to order some of those pink rain boots :)

The Pastoral Princess said...

Damn!! That looks like my kind of party!!! I may have to look into that next year, it would be less than a days drive!

Lori said...

CWG - Oddly enough, most of those strange people were from Jersey...

#2 - Freakin fun is right!

MM - Yes, go and by all means, go topless. We would love to hear about the experience on your blog!!

Big Hair - Tractor Supply, if you have those, is where we got our cute little pink boots.

PP - Come on down! I'll see you there!