Friday, June 6, 2008

Important Day

Today is a very important day. A day for national pride. A day to smile at that grumpy neighbor. A day to get out and enjoy all that is good in life. What makes today so important?

Well, first off, it is the anniversary of D-Day. My husband's grandfather was part of the invasion force, storming the Utah section of the beaches of Normandy. That he was brave enough to do it (and lucky enough to survive it) gives me an immense sense of pride. We should all fly our flags in remembrance of those who were not so lucky.

Second, (on a lighter note (well, maybe not lighter exactly)) it is National Donut Day! If you live near a Krispy Kreme (which is a purveyor of the best donuts in the world), stop by. They have advertised that they will be giving out FREE DONUTS!!

So, eat that donut. Worry about the calories tomorrow. Feel that sugar rush. And love your life!!

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