Monday, July 7, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Mmmmm - yummy! My favorite breakfast in the world - my sweet husband made it for me yesterday morning! Spaghetti and cheese, bacon, and chocolate milk!!

I know most of you are saying "Spaghetti and cheese? For breakfast? Where the hell did that recipe come from??". Yes, spaghetti and cheese for breakfast. And it is a recipe from my childhood.

I don't really know the origins of it but it is tradition in my Mom's family. I have never met anyone that has ever even heard of this concoction. It is made just like mac and cheese but with spaghetti. My aunts can make a seriously good pot of this stuff. I, however, have never learned the knack. Thankfully, I have a husband that did!!

Yesterday, I ate in honor of the The Incredible Woody's Family Reunion. Actually my mom's family. They have been having the reunion on the first Sunday in July since my Mom was a kid. And it is a seriously BIG family. My Grandpa was the youngest of 11 children and many of his brothers and sisters (including him) had very large families. There were like 50+ first cousins in my mom's generation so the reunion was always a big event.

It is funny how things that seemed like absolute misery as a kid, now bring back such wonderful memories. The reunion always seemed to last forever (we couldn't swim until it was over) and people always wanted to hug/kiss on you (there were LOTS of people there) and it was hot (we couldn't swim until it was over) and there were only non-flushing potties (I was afraid I would fall in).

But, oh, how I long for those days!! We would climb up the dam and roll back down. We would always meet back up with distant cousins and terrorize the picnic grounds for one glorious day. And we would eat and eat and eat. The desserts were always the best and we were allowed to eat multiple servings. And then we would swim and swim and swim. Ahhh, childhood!


Holy Crappers said...

Looks tempting to me, especially with that slab of bacon next to it


Big Hair Envy said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes Lori! You have a LOVELY singing voice :)

OK, I think cheesy spaghetti sounds like a total winner. My sister used to eat spaghetti noodles with butter and parmesan cheese. She wasn't fond of spaghetti sauce!

Family reunions are THE BEST! I enjoy them as much now as I did when I was a child.

Lori said...

#1 - I love, love, LOVE bacon!!

Big Hair - I think spaghetti with anything is goog - cheese, sauce, butter, whatever!

Corinne said...

I did a little laugh when I read 'spaghetti and cheese', but after reading it, I think it sounds good!

I love family reunions, too! I've only been to one, however. My mom's family are all in Korea. And my dad's family was scattered - they were foster kids and basically lost track of each other. It was my husband's enormous family reunion that I went to, and I thought it was uber cool!

Lori said...

Corinne - Yeah, most people do laugh a little when they hear spaghetti and cheese. I, too, love family reunions. It's my chance to pick everyone's brains for my genealogy research!!