Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag, I'm It

I got tagged by Monkey Toe Momma for a meme. (I finally learned that meme rhymes with theme! It's not like what you might call your grandmother.)

The rules: Tell us/me/the world 10 interesting/random/quirky/normal/silly things about yourself … things you’re looking forward to, things about you personally, whatever you want. I did a post close to this way back when I first started this blog so I thought I would take that and add to it.
So here goes:

  1. I talk to myself. Not just mumbling under my breath when I can't find my car keys. I mean I really talk to myself - full blown conversations. Mostly when I am driving alone on a long trip. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy!
  2. I love candy! Chewy Sweet-tarts are my favorite. When I eat little, colorful candies like Sweet-Tarts or M&Ms, I always eat them in groups of three. I make a little candy sandwich - like blue-red-blue or green-yellow-green. Even if I don't put all three of them in my mouth, I still have them lined up and eat them in order.
  3. I am still afraid of the creatures that live in the black hole under my bed. If you stick an arm or leg off of the bed, they can grab it and pull you in and no one will ever know what happened to you. If you line your bed with stuffed animals (now I use pillows), you are protected.
  4. I have visions of greatness for myself. In my daydreams, I am the typical heroine of every romance novel ever written - beautiful (but unaware of the beauty), strong yet gentle, always working hard to save the castle/plantation/ranch from the terrible people that would harm me or those I love and take away said castle/plantation/ranch, loved by all, full of amazing secret abilities (ie - is an excellent card player easily reading every player's tells, can speak fluent Italian, is an expert swordsman, etc), charming, has a trusty steed, and did I mention beautiful.
  5. I think divided plates are FANTASTIC! I don't like for my food to touch on my plate. I have really worked at overcoming this affliction. When I was a kid, I would eat one food at a time, starting (usually) with the thing I liked least.
  6. I don't fart. If Vol Fan and I are in public and I need to fart (which is never because I don't do that) and it smells or makes a noise (which is never because I don't do that), Vol Fan must claim the fart as his own.
  7. When I eat Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee Ravioli, I always eat it the same way. Turn the ravioli so the flat side is facing up, scrape all the sauce off, pull the flat side off and eat, eat the meat out, fill the remaining noodle with sauce, and eat.
  8. Words that are spelled wrong on billboards, etc really pisses me off. The local news channel had a word spelled wrong on one of their captions last week! Do these people not have spell check?
  9. I love to travel. I am always up for a trip. I don't care where or when. Car trips, plane trips, boat trips - I want to go!!!
  10. I am not the person that I thought I would be but I'm strangely OK with that.

After looking over this list, I think I have some real issues with food.


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Wow..I was thinking the same thing about the food issues.
I thought only children ate the likes of Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, I cannot stand any of that stuff and once Diva hit around 9 years old she announced she never wanted it again. Hehe

VE said...

I'm sure after you eat the food your stomach keeps them all in distinctly different locations too... ha ha

Monkey Toe Momma said...

I LOVE it! My favorite candy is chewy sweet tarts, too! My favorite holiday is Halloween because of all the candy, and it opens the door for all the other holidays, of course. And ROTF over #6! Thank you so much for sharing your 10 randoms! I feel like I know you better and like you more for it!:)

Desert Survivor said...

Your ten randoms are great! I'm a fan of chewy sweet tarts too, but I only eat the canned ravioli when I'm really desperate and on a camping trip. I never even thought about eating it the way you describe--that's pretty creative!

Big Hair Envy said...

Lori, um, "Woody", I think your food issues pale in comparison to the fact that you are posting at 3 a.m.!!! hahahahaha! Is "Sweet Tart" out of town?

You would never want to eat with me. All of my food ends up in a pile in the middle of my plate! I don't want one particular food to be the last bite that I take. I want to taste it all at once!!!

Great meme! I, too, am a bit anal retentive about words being spelled wrong. What's up with that?